Dominik Raab - Barcelona
Dominik Raab
Dominik Raab - Barcelona

Barcelona... and a long way back!

After some time I'm back with an update, unfortunately with no good news: In a photo and video shoot for my sponsor Merida I broke my right ankle joint in Barcelona. The whole thing happened in February and in the past few months I had to undergo some operations... Therefore, the small news break on my website. In over 20 years of riding trials I have never broken anything until then - that is probably the positive of this injury and you should always see the positve, right? However, I have already started the physiotherapy and hope to be back on the bike soon!

Enclosed I have prepared a selection of pictures from the Barcelona shoot. The special architecture in Barcelona is just a big playground for street trials bikers and the shoot would have gone really well - until the crash of course... Talk to you soon, Dominik