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Back to the Roots

Dominik Raab - Back to the Roots
Dominik Raab
Dominik Raab - Back to the Roots

Watch my latest video for Merida Bikes!
"The video was meant to reflect a ‘back to the roots’ feeling. After filming so many street trials videos in cities like Vienna, San Francisco or Los Angeles, I just wanted to film some trials action in more natural surroundings again. When I started trials biking around 20 years ago, I was mostly playing out in the woods jumping around on roots, rocks and fallen trees. This was long before street trials got so popular through the one or the other online video. The location is a quarry close to Linz, Austria. A perfect playground for trials riders. I found the location when I was looking for spots to film for the ONE-SIXTY video a couple years ago. We were filming some super technical sequences with my Merida ONE-SIXTY in this location and I always thought that I should come back to this place with my trials bike."