Dominik Raab is a professional street trials and mountain biker. 
Born 1985 in Linz/Austria, Raab found his passion for the sport of mountain biking around 1997. In 2003 he won the Austrian State Champion title in the discipline of trials biking.

Today, the Austrian is one of the best and most popular trials bikers in the world. He has made the leap to the professional stage in 2007 through his spectacular riding style in the freestyle discipline Street Trials and his internet videos. The final breakthrough came in 2010 through his online clip "Autumn Edit 2010", an impressive demonstration of the pedal acrobat in richer music video appearance.

My greatest success is that I got to know many interesting places and people on my bike!

Touring the globe under the flag of bicycle manufacturer "Merida Bikes" Dominik Raab keeps the crowd entertained performing his one-of-a-kind feats, doing trials demos, photo and video shootings. With the "Dominik Raab Mountain Bike Trials Show" the cyclist is an entertainer on two wheels at over 100 days a year to show off his skills in the context of sporting events, product launches or corporate events. Among the highlights are performances in China, Taiwan and the USA.